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TüN® 4 & MAX™: Software and Firmware Updates

Occasionally firmware and software updates will be available via TüN® Software. For any updates, whether software updates for TüN®, or firmware updates for MAX™, VXi, MVi or TwK® products to be available, the connected computer needs to have an active internet connection. When TüN® Software is launched, it searches online servers for any changes to software or firmware.

TüN® Software Updates:
When a new version of TüN® Software is available, it will prompt users to update when launched on a computer that is connected to the internet. If the computer is not connected to the internet, it will not be able to see if a new version of TüN® Software is available.

Once an update becomes available, simply follow the prompts and an auto-installer will update TüN® Software to the newest version available. Updates can be done at any time, by clicking the “Preferences” sprocket and clicking on the “Update” button next to TüN® Software version.

MAX™ Measurement System Firmware Updates:

To check the current firmware version, or update firmware for MAX™, click on “Measure Settings” in the upper-left corner of TüN® Software. On the General Tab, look for the MAX Hardware Status panel. This area shows if TüN® Software is connected to MAX™, the serial number of the connected MAX™ device and other information. There is also the “Update Firmware” button. If firmware updates are available, the “Update Firmware” button will be clickable. Simply click the button and TüN® Software will go through the process to run the firmware update. If no update is available, the button will be visible but greyed out.

Screenshot_2023-04-19_at_4.20.15_PM.pngMeasure Settings window showing MAX™ hardware and firmware info

VXi  / MVi / TwK® Firmware Updates:

When connected to the internet, TüN® Software will let users know when a firmware update is available for their connected device, when launched. To update firmware, click on the “Preferences” sprocket, which should be orange, instead of its usual grey color.

Within the Preferences menu, look for “Firmware Version” of the connected device. If an update is available, the “Update” button will be orange and clickable. Simply click update and TüN® Software will quickly update the device’s firmware. If using multiple VXi or MVi amplifiers on a network with a VXi-HUB or MVi-HUB, clicking “Update Network” will update the firmware for all amplifiers on the network.


Preferences window showing software and firmware versions and update buttons

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